IJAR Volume 10, No 1, March 2016 is now available

IJAR Volume 10, No 1, March 2016 is now available

This edition of IJAR: volume 10, issue 1, March 2016 includes articles that are based on theoretical positions and empirical research findings. It includes debates centered on three main themes:

1) Designi Thinking, Processes, and Evaluation (papers 1 – 6);

2) Design and Construction Analysis (papers 7 – 11); and

3) Urban and Contextual Studies (papers 12 – 21). 



Articles come from all corners f the world including  Australia; Belgium; Brazil; Colombia; Egypt ; Germany; Indonesia; Iran; Italy; Libya; Malaysia; Qatar; South Africa; Turkey; United Kingdom; United States.  These articles contribute to advancing the discourse on architecture and urbanism while paving the road for future studies in the field.

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