Invitation to Submit Abstracts to the EDUCATION AND TRAINING Forum as part of PLEA 2017: Design to Thrive - Edinburgh 2-5 July 2017

PLEA 2017 in Edinburgh is organized around FORUMS in various areas of interest to the international academic and professional communities,  of which is on EDUCATION AND TRAINING.


No other professions have undergone as dramatic a transformation in the past decades as that of the design and construction professions. In local, regional, and global contexts, education for the creative and construction industries continually encounters demands to assimilate increasingly rapid changes in building markets into the courses and enable their more effective integration into practice. Education in architecture and urbanism provides the fundamental foundations for the aspiration of “designing to thrive”, by facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills from the market requirements into the design professions to help them to continue to meet the wishes and needs of their society, economy and environment. This requires constant updating of our educational systems, and in recent decades the way in which design education and training are provided, and their consequences and impacts, have been treated as a research field on their own. Awareness has grown of the need to keep education’s underpinning theories, contents and contexts, methods and tools continuously questioned and diagnostically examined to ensure they are fit for purpose in the 21st century, genuinely addressing contemporary environmental and societal challenges and taking advantages of emerging opportunities as they arise.

Papers are invited for the Forum and a Plenary session and Panel, aimed at broadening and deepening the debate on how well the education and training of design professionals are contributing to shaping a Thriving Future. Papers on subjects including teaching delivery models, experiential and inquiry-based learning, design studio experimentation, trans-disciplinary experiences, and the way in which these help shape such a future, are all welcomed.

To submit an abstract for EDUCATION FORUM – PLEA 2017, please visit

Abstract Submission Closes: 15th November 2016

Selected papers will be featured in a special PLEA 2017 Issue of the highly ranked, open access journal "Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research”

PLEA stands for Passive Low Energy Architecture. PLEA is a global network that has led a worldwide discourse on sustainable architecture and urban design through its conferences since 1982. It has a membership of thousands of professionals, academics, students and industry members from over 40 countries.